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Games Workshop Releases Rules For Boarding Actions In Tenth Edition Warhammer 40,000

The Arks Of Omen storyline ushered in narrative events leading up to the release of the tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000 rules. The books included a new game mode, called Boarding Actions, which seems like a spiritual successor to the classic Space Hulk game, as it features fast-paced games with small, infantry-based armies making their way through the tunnels of drifting, dangerous hulks lurching out of warp space.

Today, Games Workshop fulfilled their promise that the Boarding Actions play mode would come to tenth edition and made new Boarding Actions rules available for free download. These rules replace the ones from the Arks Of Omen: Abaddon book for tenth edition, but they’ll still work with the missions from all of the Arks Of Omen books, which brings in the missions and game modes from those books. The new rules provide specific direction on how to handle references to ninth edition rules when playing the Arks missions.

The new Boarding Actions rules also bring their own new rules into play to adapt play even more closely to the feel needed for this mode. For example, units can stand on top of objective markers (which they cannot do in tenth edition standard mode).

A significant change is that Leaders cannot join Bodyguard units in Boarding Actions mode. Instead, they lend their Leader abilities to individual units through a Stratagem specific to Boarding Actions mode, called Battlefield Command.

Mustering Rules have been changed too, now simplified to a list that shows which unites can be included for free and rules adaptations that apply to the unit.

You can download the new rules now:

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