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Gen Con Card Heist Suspects Are Card Game Designers

Earlier this month at Gen Con, a palette of Magic : The Gathering cards worth an estimated $300,000 was stolen from the Indianapolis Convention Center by two thieves who apparently just nabbed it and wheeled it out with no resistance.

Images from security cameras have been shared in order to get help identifying the thieves, and police have now identified the individuals in the photos as Thomas J. Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume.

Dunbar and Perason Giaume are designers of their own card game, called Castle Assault. Not only are the suspects in the photos undisguised in almost any way (one is wearing a pair of sunglasses in some of them), perhaps more surprisingly, they show a person who looks like Dunbar wearing a Castle Assault t-shirt.

Security footage of Gen Con 2023 card theft
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