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Hey DM? This Might Help You With Puzzles.

A while back, I wrote an article about the difficulty a DM might have coming up with puzzles. As it turns out, Daniel Jafford also wants to help out the confounded conundrum-maker. And by “help,” I mean make a zine loaded to the gills with DM-ready puzzles dubbed The Puzzle Masters Handbook.

Teamwork and ingenuity alike will be tested. Puzzles and traps come in all sizes, including riddles, contraptions, and random encounters. And Dungeon Masters needn’t fear losing immersion, thanks to tips on splicing puzzles into even the most homebrew of games. Accompanied by original art, experienced game designers carefully crafted each puzzle/trap to all players, splitting them across five difficulty ratings.

Dungeon Master? More like DOOR master!
Well, okay maybe not this easy of an easy level.

To the DM in the audience asking how many puzzles there are, this is where things get interesting. The number of puzzles in this book will match the number of backers, capping at 500. No word if this includes the custom traps people who pledge $28 or higher can submit. (The campaign video also promised custom puzzles built for pledge makers, but I can’t see it in any of the tiers.)

That’s the face of a man who’s seen one too many pressure plate puzzles.

Rewards include PDFs, Roll20 files, and physical copies of the handbook. Pledge makers will also have access to an exclusive community of fellow dungeon masters as well.

The campaign reached its goal within fifteen minutes, but you have until July 19 to pledge!

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