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Humble Bundle Drops Massive Miniature Menagerie

Humble Bundle is no stranger to this site, having previously offered Warhammer novels, RPG guides, and enough D&D goodness to fill an actual dungeon. So, it should come to the surprise of nobody that they would tackle miniature/3-D printed swag.

Which they did today. With enough gusto to justify taking a small loan to buy a 3-D printer in the first place.

I’m surprised 3-D printed NFTs weren’t a thing. Well, okay, more relieved than surprised.
“Could’ve been worse. I could’ve invested in bitcoin.”

$25 towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation will net you a total of 161 miniatures/sets. (To be printed at your leisure, of course.) And let me tell you, the variety is immense.

Yes, you get your standard issue guard mooks and mounted fighters. However, the figurines actually genuinely look cool, such as the Bloodbourne-esque Cursed Knight. And I can’t say that I didn’t get a laugh from all the options for corpses.

I don’t know WHERE I would use a giant dead head miniature, but I WILL find a way to use it!
I see dead people…in a good way!

And 3-D printed terrain lovers rejoice! You want buildings ranging from inns to ruins? You got it. Want an ABC Warehouse’s worth of miniature furniture, including something as specific as orc royal wares? All yours. And doesn’t your decor-loving friend have a birthday coming up? Character busts are included!

You can ask for commercial options by emailing the original artists, but…c’mon, dude. It’s charity. Which you have until November 5 to support!

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