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Humble Bundle Premieres DM Friendly Pack

You know what’s better than being a DM? Having the right resources at your fingertips! You know what’s better than having the right resources at your fingertips? Helping sick kids! You know what’s better than helping sick kids?

…Well, okay, not a lot. Point is, Humble Bundle has rolled initiative and dropped some TTRPG love for the busy DM.

Still a better DM than me...
The mask is hiding it, but this is totally a stuffed owlbear.

Taking a break from giving you all those indie games you’ve been meaning to get around to playing, Humble Bundle has unleashed a small library of go-to books for the beleaguered DM.

Things such as a campaign setting and a book about DM prepping are accounted for. However, the real meat and bones is the type we’ve seen before: charts. Like, we’re talking a whole office building’s worth of charts. Want a city for your party to stumble into? Chart for that. DMing cosmic horror game and need a random, sanity-bending event? There’s a chart for that. Is your campaign set in the 1960’s and you need to figure out which celebrity you encounter in a CIA bunker?

Yes, DM. There’s even a chart for that.

Glamour bard, evocation wizard, or lunar sorcery sorcerer? Either way, hope he gets along with artificer Andy Warhol…

As is, $25 nets you the whole basket. The books come from TTRPG storefront Dicegeeks, who also have some free PDFs to look at. (In exchange for your email.) The bundle ends on September 1st.

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