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Around this time of year is when we start to see every company listing these ‘amazing’ offers that we can hang onto until our respective gift-giving fun begins. I thought it might be good to go over some of the options available from Wizards of the Coast. There are two ‘Gift sets,’ two ‘campaign cases,’ and the pre-order for the Dragonlance book coming out. I’ll go ahead and breakdown what each product includes and how great of a deal it seems to be. 


As the name suggests, the campaign cases combined contain everything your favorite Dungeon Master needs to run their campaign. Well maybe not everything, but it does a decent job building up the list of accessories that people typically use for their games. The D&D Campaign Case: Terrain Bundle contains the first list of items in the images below. The companion set is the D&D Campaign Case: Creatures Bundle and it contains everything in the second list of items below. The Terrain and Creature Cases both cost $64.99 and are available through the D&D webstore. If you know someone that really wants to get into running D&D, but doesn’t have any of the books or gear that’s usually helpful then these would certainly be a great help to get them started!

Terrain Bundle Contents
Creatures Bundle Contents


Similar to the campaign cases, there are two offerings for these rulebook gift set bundles. The D&D Core Rulebook Gift Set Bundle has all the base rules for playing D&D 5E with a couple extras. The Bundle contains a physical copy and D&D Beyond digital copy of the following: The Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, and Player’s Handbook, as well as a Dungeon Master’s Screen and a beautiful slip case for the physical copies. The D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set Bundle contains a foil-covered physical copy (only available in this set) and D&D Beyond digital copy of the following: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, and Monsters of the Multiverse, as well as a Dungeon Master’s Screen and a lovely storage case for the physical copies. This Bundle was also the debut of the new Monsters of the Multiverse, which replaces the previous “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” and “Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.” Both rulebook sets are priced the same at $169.95 and are available through the Wizard’s D&D site.


The Shadow of the Dragon Queen Book pre-order includes the physical copy of the book and the D&D Beyond digital copy. The Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition Bundle includes an exclusive foil-covered physical copy and the D&D Beyond digital copy, as well as, an exclusive DM screen and the “Warriors of Krynn” board game. The Book and Deluxe Edition releases December 6th of 2022 with early-access to the digital copies on November 22nd. For a more in-depth discussion on the incredible Dragonlance setting, check out War comes to D&D in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen! by GTN’s Silver. 


Considering the contents and prices, I’ll be honest, the two rulebook gift sets can be found on Amazon for half the price. If you don’t mind your money going to Bezos, then grab them through the Amazon site. The Campaign Cases are great for a beginner DM, but when I checked they could be purchased for cheaper through Miniature Market. Finally, you can’t go wrong with the new Dragonlance content (Deluxe Edition if you like to play board games too), but again pre-order through Amazon is just a tad cheaper. 

Let us know if this helps you build your shopping list (whether it’s gifts for others or yourself, we won’t judge) and whether you’re ordering the new Dragonlance book. Personally, I’m excited for that Deluxe Edition!

Til Next Time!

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