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If Cuphead Was a Terrifying Board Game

Okay, so, elephant in the room: I’m usually on the D&D/TTRPG side of this site. If you want someone to cover card-slinging rogue subclasses or systems where you battle evil fast food overlords, I’m your lady. And I certainly don’t want to step on any toes in the board game department…

That being said, I’m also hideously obsessed with things with a unique identity. Especially if that unique identity is the stuff of nightmares. And, thankfully, Townsfolk Tussle: Foul Neighbors and Odd Jobs is a board game that’s ready to pack a wallop.

Townsfolk Tussle takes us to the Max Fleischerian berg of Eureka Springs, which was all swell and dandy…until the sheriff died.

Board games and bloody technicolor murder? Sign me up!
Clearly it was an accident. Likely slipped in the tub.

Adding to the animated anarchy are the ruffians, ne’er-do-wells that are taking advantage of the loss in police protection and trying to take over Eureka Springs. But as members of the zany populace, you and your fellow rubber hose residents are going to fight back against your would-be invaders.

Your horrifying, horrifying would-be invaders.

Want this to be even more terrifying? Patches is actually a guy in a greasy cat costume.

Townsfolk Tussle already premiered in 2020, Foul Neighbors and Odd Jobs being an expansion to the original game. The original run of the game is still available on some sites, even Tabletop Simulator on Steam getting a demo. As for the game itself, it further channels its Cuphead-ness by having it largely center around fights with the ruffians, the mat itself becoming an ever-evolving battlefield. Each character has special attributes, the expansion putting an emphasis on gear load out and item synergy.

Lawnmower?! I get to go full Dead Alive on enemies?!

TTFNOJ actually already reached its Kickstarter goal in twelve minutes. However, you have until April 6 to thrown down, so you can thrown down with some ruffians.

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Went to film school instead of real college. Writes stuff, animates things, and programs whatchacallits. Currently playing a rogue/cleric (trickery) warforged that's basically a life-sized Victorian porcelain horror doll. You can find more of her stuff at kerahildebrandt.com, including D&D modules/such!

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