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Illiterati Review: We’ve Got the Last Word

Bob, Spencer, and Mike work with Katie from Board Game Mechanics to review Gap Closer Games’ cooperative word game, Illiterati. In Illiterati, players work together to form words that meet certain criteria, but if too many letters are left behind, things start to get dangerous. To make things more complicated, the Illiterati, an evil cabal bent on making the world illiterate, attack the players every round with a variety of devious punishments.

About the Author
Spencer was born in California and has since moved and lived all over the country before settling in the South Bend, Indiana area with his wife and children. He is a writer currently working on his second novel as well as a co-host on Board Game Rundown. His interests are multitudinous and include brewing beer, voice acting, playing guitar, backpacking, and, of course, playing board games.

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