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In-Flight Report with Fantasy Flight Games

FFG logo to alert readers as to the suject matter

Fantasy Flight Games has released their In-Flight Report YouTube. In it, they show off new releases from here through the New Year.

“Chris Gerber and John Shaffer sit down for Fantasy Flight Games yearly GenCon In-Flight Report. If you’ve watched the In-Flight Report in previous years, you know what to expect! We’ll be presenting our most exciting announcements and showing off a whole host of new products. You can look forward to getting a first look at some brand-new product lines, as well as what’s coming next for existing lines like Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Star Wars™: Legion, KeyForge, Star Wars™: Armada, and much, much more!” quoted from Fantasy Flight Games.

Outside of their blurb for the In-Flight Report, you’ll find discussion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, novels, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, Twilight Imperium, and at the very end… Descent!

Travel to Fantasy Flight’s YouTube channel for more Gen Con 2020 Online discussion and coverage.

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