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In the Pipeline – Deep Cuts: Vikings for November

Feast with the Jarl this winter with the new Deep Cuts: Vikings from Wizkids. Scheduled for release in November, this is a 29-count scenery set with multiple characters and items to set the scene for a Viking hall or another historical-fantasy northern steading.

The character miniatures include an Earl (standing), an Earl (sitting), a Male Viking Guard, a Female Viking Guard, a Freeman, a Freewoman, a Farmhand, a Peasant, and a Craftsmen. While decorations for the hall are the Earl’s Throne, 8 Peg Shield, 2 Fur Covered Benches, 2 Mead Barrels, 2 Shield Stands, 2 Carved Wooden Pillars, a Long Fire Pit, a Meat Spit, and a Long Table

Wizkids Deep Cuts are highly-detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. 

Deep Cuts: Vikings is expected to retail for $29.99. Promotional images for Deep Cuts: Vikings are listed below.

Also in November, Wizkids announced they are releasing Magic: the Gathering Deep Cuts. Details in our previous article; Wizkids’ New Magic: the Gathering Unpainted Minis

Long Fire Pit
Meat Spit (they didn’t mention the piggie)
Long Table
Fur Covered Bench
Mead Barrel
Carved Wooden Pillar
Shield Stand

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