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JoyToy Figures For Infinity

Corvus Belli has announced a partnership with JoyToy, makers of the popular line of Warhammer 40,000 themed action figures. Now available for pre-order, JoyToy has action figures based on Belli’s Infinity miniatures game. These will be available for order only until June 11th, and delivered beginning late August.

You can pre-order them through Corvus Belli’s webstore, and you can check out the photos of these lovely figures below.

Ariadna Equipe Mirage-5

Ariadna Veteran Kazaks

Ariadna Tankhunter Regiment 1

Ariadna Frontviks Separate Assault Batallion

Ariadna Tankhunter Regiment 2

Ariadna Marauders 5307th Range Unit 2

Ariadna Marauders 5307th Range Unit 3

Ariadna Marauders 5307th Range Unit 4

Ariadna Marauders 5307th Range Unit 1

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