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Kaldheim Spoilers Continuing to Emerge

Here we have an additional set of Kaldheim spoilers for this week. Today, we’re looking at a small host of legendary creatures and a single Changling, er, Shapeshifter. Where variant cards are available they are shown to the right of the standard version. Let’s dig in.

Dwarf and Dragon tribal play! Dwarves get +1/+0 and gather their treasures. Get enough treasures and trade them away for artifacts. Or, a Dragon arrives and eats them. Either way, a win for the red player.

The MtG version of Fenris Wolf. The more creatures of your opponent that die, the stronger Sarulf gets. Alternately, you let Sarulf off the leash. Burn those counters to eat all the other nonland permanents with converted mana costs equal to or less than the number of counters. Woof!

Kaya isn’t unstoppable. However, if her ultimate goes off, then she lives up to “the Inexorable” moniker. If nothing else, you’re recasting Kaya herself every turn, for free. Her other abilities are nice. The +1 puts dead and exiled creatures back in your hand and a little Spirit on the playfield. Meanwhile, the -3 just straight up removes someone or something.

Next up, gaze upon the Realmwalker. I find the version to the right decidedly creepy.

I can’t believe the Realmwalker came out like this. Always knowing what’s on top of your library is a powerful advantage. Getting to cast a select creature type when Changelings are in the standard card mix, incredible!

Now we’re off to the first of Kaldheim’s gods. Like the Norse gods, he’s distinctly mortal, but powerful.

Halvar, God of Battle focuses your deck around enchantments and equipment for your creatures. Each creature with one or the other upgrades gains doublestrike. To top it off, he shuffles them freely among your creatures at the beginning of each combat. No more sweating the descisions, get them out and put them on your stronger creatures as them arrive. Just watch out for Sarulf eating them all at once.

Sword of the Realms, the other side of Halvar, grants +2/+0 and vigilance. When the equipped creature dies, it gets s free trip to “Valhalla” to fight again next turn. As equipment, the sword stays for someone else to find.

Thanks for stopping in today for more Kaldheim spoilers. Wizards of the Coast indicates the next batch arriving on December 24th via their Magic twitter channel.

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