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Kickstarter Late Pledge Alert

We’re in late pledge territory for two high profile properties from stalwarts of the gaming industryt.

Free League Publishing’s campaign for Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game (campaign link)succeeded with 16 million of a 100,000 SEK goal. Using the Year Zero engine, Bladerunner focuses on Human and Replicants working as investigators in the film tradition. They smashed through 26 of 27 stretch goals. Their Late Pledges are available until October 14th. Choose from 4 different gamer oriented rewards or grab a retailer’s bundle to get Bladerunner to your customers before distribution. Expected to ship in November!

CMON also successfully concluded their Kickstarter for Dune: War for Arrakis (campaign link). This board game features the struggle for control of Arrakis between House Harkonnen and Atreides. More than two can play as additional players take control of subfactions within the main force. CMON netted 1.3 million dollars and completed all their stretch goals. Their Late Pledges are open now, but do not include a final closing date. Dune includes two reward tiers; the Harvester nets you a copy of the core game while the mammoth Carryall ships with core game, stretch goals, the Spacing Guild and Smugglers expansions. Expected to ship October 2023.

This concludes your Late Pledge Alert for today!

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