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Kickstarter Promises A (Literal) TTRPG Renaissance

Maybe it’s the poofy pants or crazy hats. Or the flying machines with the aerodynamics of lawn furniture. Or maybe the disturbing religious imagery that likely spiced up many a Sunday school. Either way, the Renaissance has proven time and time again to appeal to gamers. And now TTRPG players are finally getting a dose of 15th century goodness with a 400-page monstrosity Vortex Verlag has christened The Straight Way Lost.

Pretty art, more awkwardness when explaining TTRPG to my family members...
As if you needed any harder of a time disproving Dungeons and Dragons being satanic….

Perfectly compatible with 5e, The Strait Way Lost trades out dragons for DaVinci, putting you in the Renaissance era itself. Humanism is on the upside. Historical figures meander about. Women are getting more power in the church. Oh, and you’re also caught between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Spread across seven acts, this TTRPG drama drags you and your party across the underworld, your destination the very nexus of the realms. Standing in your way are city paladins, fallen angels, and other Divinely Comedic nightmares that want to tear your sanity apart.

This TTRPG should feel very familiar for you average D&D players, given that it keeps both the spell and mechanics. In addition, you can expect new content, such as the Nephilim species and the Artist character class. Character creation is also given a bit of a makeover, such as the Dark Secret and Good Deed character traits that will hurt or help you as you venture into the underworld.

“My dark secret? I secretly think the OGL is a good idea.”

The campaign’s got some pretty neat features. In addition to PDF and hardcover fair, you’ve also got Roll20 conversion, soundscape files, and even your own custom character inserted into the world.

Campaign closes on August 10, but you can also get a sneak peek of this TTRPG here.

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