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Kickstarter Promises DM’s Dream App

On behalf of all the beleaguered DMs reading this thing, I want to confirm the rumors. Yes, it can, in fact, be insanely hard to plan out a campaign. Bad enough you have to come up with a premise your table doesn’t hate, or worry if your table is toxic to give Chernobyl a run for its money. No, you have somehow keep track of what everyone did, what everyone didn’t do, the name of that one god, the name of the innkeeper’s sister’s friend’s former roommate…

Incidentally, her name’s Robin Higgins. Not joking. That’s what it says on Pixabay!
“I just want to do math and throw death creatures at you.”

But it appears that Ollam Technologies has heard the bemoans of the despairing DM and has given us not one, but two programs to help out. All wrapped in a single packaged dubbed the Amsel Suite.

Originating from beautiful Lyon in France, the Amsel Suite had already reached its funding in three hours, built by two passionate (if not also perfectionist) players. In what’s potentially only a first round of DM-friendly apps, our two programs include–

  • Tome. This program keeps track of your players’ progress. Features also allow you to do things like note which choices they made at crucial points. (Reminds me a little like if/else statements in coding.)
  • Lore. This helps a DM keep track of their world’s facts. You’ve got profiles, info entries, and the best kind of chart: flow.
Yes. I can keep track of how many dad jokes are made!

The campaign closes on December 7th.

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