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Legions Imperialis Aircraft

Games Workshop (GW) has announced models and rules for aircraft for it’s upcoming epic-scale game, Legions Imperialis.


Legions Imperialis Aircraft

Aircraft will have the Flyer special rule, which means they begin off of the battlefield and can only take Advance or March Orders. They can be activated in the Movement phase, and move from the battlefield edge in a straight line, being allowed only one 90-degree turn.

During the Combat phase they fire like other models. They can draw a line of sight to every model on the battlefield. Then, when the round is over, they go back into Reserve.

Flyers can only be hit on a natural roll of six, except by units with the Skyfire trait.



Models with Interceptor get an extra attack against Flyer models, though it must do so with a -2 to Hit.

Solar Auxilia Avenger

Solar Auxilia Avenger

The Auxilia Avenger is a well-rounded model, good against both other aircraft as well as ground targets. It also has the Bomber ability.


Bombing Run

A weapon with the Bombing Run trait can bomb non-Flyers that are within 3″ during its movement, in addition to any other shooting attacks it has.



Units can be conveyed in Transport aircraft, and can only move and shoot when they exist. Assault transports allow this to happen immediately upon landing.

Legion Thunderhawk Gunship

Legion Thunderhawk Gunship

The Thunderhawk Gunship has the Large Assualt Transport rule, allowing it to carry walkers and units with the Bulky keyword.

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