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Kickstarter Offers Tabletop LED Lighting

If you’re like me, you want to go all-out on tabletop gaming experience, be it Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer. Music assigned to every location and enemy encounter. Maps obsessively planned and stuffed with hidden little details. Maybe one or two close calls to buying a scent diffuser to really help capture that sense of fighting a hoard of rotting zombies.

Moonshine Miniatures is currently running a Kickstarter that might help you enhance your tabletop experience: LED lit figurines.

While obvious light sources such campfires and torches come with the set, Moonshine Miniatures also feature numerous creative options for your next tabletop misadventure. A glowing fortune teller’s ball. A candlelit dinner. A pig roasting over a fire. A witch also roasting over a fire. A tent being on fire. Honestly, if you ever wanted to plan a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that’s heavy on pyromania, now’s your chance.

The campaign itself is a little on the bare bones side. You only get the digital files that you yourself have to print out, not to mention that you actually have to buy the LED lights themselves. But pledging $39 to this campaign also offers the chance to legally sell the figurines you print out. Obviously, conditions such as crediting the original artist are a thing, but that’s still one more reason to catch this campaign before it’s over.

Still no word on a Kickstarter campaign for a Dungeons and Dragons scent maker, unfortunately.

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