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Lion El’Jonson Returns

After ten thousand years of sleep, the primarch of the first legion has awakened! And he’s brought with him a new datasheet which you can download for free here.

Perchance To Dream

Lion El’Johnson is more warrior than diplomat; more given to the hunt than to governance. This was true even during his long slumber. There were reports that a figure resembling Lion would materialize suddenly and vanquish horrible monsters with ease, then vanish just as mysteriously. Wherever he went, visions of misty woodlands, like those of his homeworld, Caliban, shrouded his passage.

Though he now walks through real-space once more, El’Johnson still has a connection to the Immaterium, and still is able to appear seemingly from nowhere to stalk the battlefield.

On The Battlefield

Lion El’Jonson is rated at power 16, and costs 320 points for matched play.

As a primarch, it’s no surprise that El’Jonson has many abilities. Notably, he can fight first when engaged with enemies during the Fight phase. He can also “forestwalk,” which means you can set him up on “shadowed paths” instead of the battlefield, bringing him in during a Reinforcements step.

The model includes two hooded figures with him, called Watchers In The Dark. These beings allow the model a Deny The Witch attempt. Further, if the model attempting a psychic power is a Chaos Psyker, you can re-roll the test.

See the datasheet for more abilities and full stats.

Commissioning The Lion

Pre-orders for the Lion & Retinue boxed set will be available this Saturday, together with Arks Of Omen: The Lion, and a new Black Library novel, The Lion: Son of the Forest.

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