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Lorcana First Chapter Reprint Coming Sooner

Lorcana was a perhaps-unexpected smash hit, with record long lines at Ravensburger’s gencon booth, and product selling out in the mass market within hours of its release. What this means, though, is that the game may actually suffer due to unavailable product. It takes a booster box or two to build a custom deck, after all.

To address this, Ravensburger had announced a reprint of the First Chapter set, which would make supply of its very first set available in the U.S. in January of next year, with product arriving in Europe in January.

The reprint of the First Chapter set will include the second phase of the upcoming Rise of the Floodborn set.

But now they’ve moved the reprint up, saying that they’re wanting to hit the North American holiday season of this year. If they can do it, it seems like a very wise move. Gift-giving season seems like the perfect time to open up new customers to the game.

And I look forward to maybe (maybe!) picking up the other pre-con decks and a couple of booster boxes!

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