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Lord Solar Leontus Astra Militarum Preview

Not what I expected… Lord Solar Leontus, a second named character for this release, commands the Astra Militarum from atop a horse! At least, he’s a lead from the front sort of fellow.

Lord Solar Leontus painted model and detail close ups.

Our Lord Solar poses here for a heroic pict capture. Leontus wields a power sword (Conquest) and pistol (Sol’s Righteous Gaze). No note was made of the type, but with that name, we’re looking at a hot-shot, plasma, or some form of volkite pistol. Outside chance of a melta, but it doesn’t look like there’s enough room for it. He’s armored in carapace, a solid choice. And I’ll put money on the Helm providing an invulnerable save.

As for the horse, poor Konstantin, is a decades old companion with more cybernetics than most tech priests. I’ll bet he packs his own armor clad surprises.

While technically limited to Segmentum Solar, the Lord Solar Leontus can be found ranging far and wide through the Imperium. After all, how better to defend Holly Terra than fighting the war way, way over there.

Collegiate Astrolex rules text.

No character reveal is complete without a tiny rule leak. So it is with the Lord Solar. Leantus surrounds himself with advisers, priests, prophets, seers, tarot readers, and more. His unorthodox use of their aptitudes provides him with The Collegiate Astrolex ability.

In short, you get a chance to change a secondary objective or Agenda after your opponent reveals their own. If the omens are good, you don’t change one of them, you get an extra Command Point instead.

Anybody else thinking Leontus is Alexander the Great reborn?

According Warhammer Community, Lord Solar Leontus is the last of the Astra Militarum model previews. GW drops battleforces over December.. I am really, crossing my fingers and toes, looking for the Astra Militarum to drop this November.

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Videos and photography originally posted at Warhammer Community.

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