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Lumineth Realm-lords Releasing Soon

In the before times of 2020, Games Workshop released the Lumineth Realm-lords Launch Set. The boxed set contained a special edition Battletome, The Light of Eltharion, a unit of Vanari Dawnriders, and a unit of Varani Auralan Warriors. That was it for a long time. Now, the wait is over.

Earlier in the week, Warhammer Community displayed the new models arriving “next week”. That is, based on previous announcements, they should be available for preorder on September 5th and arriving in stores on September 12th. Lets take a look at the first wave of releases.

Teclis arrives with a huge model suitable to his status as one of the deities of Hysh. On the tabletop, his abilities as a master wizard will exceed even Nagash.

Our next new model, the Scinari Caller, provides magical support for a highly magical army. Additionally, with the flowing smoke, veil, and robes, she provides a marvelous challenge to skilled painters.

Literally a Ghost in the Shell, The Light of Eltharion seeks melee and excels against other Heros. Eltharion provides a painting challenge of a different sort with extensive use of negative space.

Lumineth foot troops, the Vanari infantry may be assembled as archers or spear and shield infantry. They seek to recapture the Old World High Elf aesthetic while updating it for the Age of Sigmar.

Of course, the release for the Lumineth Realm-lords includes a regular edition Battletome, Warscroll cards, and a set of Endless Spells.

I’ve heard rumors that the army specific dice set will be tightly allocated, so be sure to check with your local gaming store or direct order early. They

Crystal or column?

Good luck with your new army!

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