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Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition Announced

30th Anniversary Edition card back featuring black lotus artwork

Wizards of the Coast dropped a huge announcement as part of the 30 year Magic celebration; the Magic 30th Anniversary Edition! They’ve designed this set based on Beta with a few cards pulled, a few cards featuring increased frequency, and Sol Ring popping up in uncommon and common. The original art will be used throughout. Unfortunately, these cards are intended as commemorative and collectables and feature the card back show above. Sadly, they’re not tournament legal. Nothing a good set of opaque sleeves won’t fix!

The 30th Anniversary Edition ships in a four-pack display for $999.00 on 30thEdition.wizards.com starting November 28th. Each pack contains 15 cards – 13 modern framed cards (1 rare, 3 uncommons, 7 commons, and 2 basic lands). The remaining 2 cards flaunt the retro frame with 1 basic land and an additional “wild” card. Naturally, the pack also includes a token.

As previously mentioned, Wizards tweaked some cards. We won’t see copies of Contract From Below, Darkpact, or Demonic Attorney. Not much of a loss, because, who really wants ante? Additionally, Earthbind, Weakness, and Crusade won’t make an appearance. Crusade for extremely obvious reasons. The other two because they don’t fit modern standards, but not at Crusade levels. Dual Lands, on the other hand, double their appearance rate in both modern and retro frame editions!

As part of spreading the wealth, Wizards intends to distribute a small number of 30th Anniversary Edition displays to WPN stores free of charge. WPN stores receive 1 display while Premium WPN stores net 3 displays. There is no reported restriction on use at this time. Sadly, this may be the limit of what is available. I have seen no reports of availability through distribution.

Nevertheless, a quick perusal of the 30th Anniversary Edition Gallery stirs quite a bit of longing for the early days! If you should be lucky enough to receive a pack or display may all your draws be good. And may none be a ‘lace.

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