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Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Celebration At GenCon

Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC), publishers of the grandaddy of all trading card games, Magic: The Gathering, will celebrate that game’s 30th anniversary this year at GenCon.

They tell us there won’t be an exhibit hall booth, but there’ll be plenty of full Magic play available in Hall B. There will also be a “MagiKids” booth outside Hall B offering a quick demo.

GenCon co-occurs with the release of Commander Masters, so there’ll be plenty of Commander games to get into.

The GenCon Magic Championship will happen during the convention as well. The finals will happen Sunday with the winner taking home prices including a sealed Italian language Legends Booster Display box.

You can see the full schedule of Magic events at GenCon here.

Dungeons & Dragons

Of course, WOTC’s other juggernaut will be around at GenCon, namely Dungeons & Dragons. Baldman Games will be hosting games and events at the JW Marriott. They’ll be premiering the new sourcebook, Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants.

You can see a full schedule of the D&D events here.


From Thursday through Saturday, Regal Cinemas will be screening Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves for free, even including free popcorn and a free drink! You do need to sign up for it, though.

There will be a live D&D show at 8pm on Saturday (August 5th) at the Indiana Rooftop Ballroom. There’ll be food and drink too, as you watch a cast play through a giant-sized adventure. You can sign up for the event here.

Other spectacles include the debut of WOTC’s own food truck, “Wizards Of The Cones,” and WOTC sponsoring the 37th annual Costume Contest.

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