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Magic The Gathering: From Cute To Brute No Longer For Sale

On May 8, Wizards Of The Coast released a new Secret Lair Commander deck, called From Cute To Brute. The deck contained cards that transformed, having “cute” art on the front and “brutish” art on the back. The 100-card deck came with 5 foil, borderless cards, 42 double-faced reprints, 53 single-faced reprints, 15 double-faced tokens, and 5 double-faced display cards. The price for preorder was $149.95.

The release itself came with no fanfare, catching some by surprise. And yesterday, just as suddenly, MTG Secret Lair tweeted that the sale was over. No reason was given, so we don’t know if it sold out, sold poorly, or if some other reason caused it to be pulled. All we have is the oddly playful tweet from MTG, embedded below.

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