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Magic: The Gathering’s One Of One Ring Has Been Found

The serialized “001/001” One Ring card has been found and authenticated. Wizards Of The Coast has officially announced this via their Twitter account.

Part of the Tales Of Middle-earth set, it was the first ever one-of-a-kind card for the popular trading card game. The find was authenticated by collectible grading firm PSA, who posted verification today.

The card scored a “Mint 9” on their grading scale, just one away from a perfect “Gem Mint 10.”

Multiple parties have made increasingly high offers to purchase the card from whoever found it, with bids up to seven figures. First there was Dave & Adam’s Card World, which offered a bounty of $1 million.

Next came the highest offer so far, a bid of $2 million from a game store in Spain called Gremio de Dragones (which translates to “Guild Of Dragons”). The store also offered a free stay in Spain and a paella dinner!

But the owner of the card has chosen to remain anonymous. So far, there is no information on whether they will take up any of the bidders on their offers. Nonetheless, one of the earliest announcements of the find came from the Twitter account of Dave & Adam’s Card World, offerers of the million dollar bounty.

Later, Dave & Adam’s announced that they had spoken with the card-bearer’s (ring-bearer’s?) attorney. They posted an email account to contact with any higher bounty. Interestingly, they did not mention Gremio de Dragones’ famous offer of $2 million. Maybe they’re just being coy?

The card was only available in Collector Boosters (just one kind of booster pack) for the Tales Of Middle-Earth set. It’s widely agreed that the unusually high prices for these Collector Boosters was due to the chance of finding the card. We’ll see if retailers start to drop prices on these packs now that they don’t function as de facto lottery tickets anymore.

In any case, we will likely learn more in the coming days about what the ring-bearer (yeah, I’m just going with that now) decides to do with their burden.

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