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Malifaux Pandora Halloween Release

Limited Edition figures are a staple of the miniature game hobby. Whether its a GW Game Day figure from the twenty ‘aughts or a Gen Con figure from last year, you’re usually traveling some distance to grab one. Wyrd Miniatures, already known for innovative miniatures, has a habit of going over the top with their limited and ALT runs. Usually, you’ll find them as part of Gen Con, other conventions, or Black Friday specials, but they have made some available to hobby stores from time to time (ake a look at the originals and ALTs below). Wyrd has announced we’ll see a new Malifaux Pandora Halloween alternate model release in stores for the holiday.

Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen flank their demonic ALT figures
Ototo vs “Come at me, Bro” ALT
Or how Hungry grew up?

Well, this Halloween holiday, a hauntingly beautiful Pandora is arriving at local hobby stores. This set will only be available to your FLGS from October to November 2020. The set contains Pandora, a Poltergeist, and three Sorrows. The only thing missing to match the core box are Baby Kade and Candy. The rumor mill is already talking about ALTing them. And bonus, no assembly required, just prime and paint.

Halloween ALT Pandora box models
Halloween ALT Pandora box front
Current Pandora models

Rotten Harvest – Witches and Woes arrives next month with a MSRP of $55.00. Get a down to your local store and let them know now that you want this limited Malifaux Pandora Halloween release. Use the SKU when requesting a copy – WYR21404.

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