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March Of The Machine Commander Parties

Between May 26-28, Wizards Play Network Premium stores will hold March Of The Machine Commander parties. The events will feature a faction card that introduces new dynamics to play. The events will also offer a special promo card to participants, which is a Beast Within card with text printed in the Phyrexian language.

Promo Beast Within card

What’s a Commander Party?

Wizards Play Network organizes Commander parties to immerse players in a story event. The choices players make affect how the story plays out. Commander Parties aim to draw new players into a casual event and show them the rich lore of the Magic The Gathering world.

A player only needs a Commander deck to play at a party event. The event splits players into factions, and these factions make progress tracked on a special game board. The front-running faction on the board gets a game benefit.

March Of The Machine Party

At the March Of The Machine Commander party, players will navigate events from the Phyrexian invasion. The event will introduce unique, double-sided cards similar to the new March Of The Machine battle cards (covered in our prerelease event post). The cards enter the game with corruption counters. In-game effects can remove the counters, which flip the card to a side showing a player benefit.

To sign up for the party, use this store locator tool and contact a friendly local gaming store!

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