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Miniatures Rundown Double Feature

Running a bit late with the posting, so here is a Miniatures Rundown Double Feature full of creatures!

First up, Josh and CJ dig into the new releases from Saturday with a rundown of the new season of Warhammer Underworlds; Gnarlwood and the Rivals set.

For the second half of our Double Feature, Mitchell and Josh engage with the forces of Chaos in the Sunday Previews Rundown Show. After the box, sit down to a buffet with your favorite Ogors. Even after desert we’re looking forward toi a big week of Sylvaneth, Sons of Behemat, Horus Heresy, Forge World, Necromunda, and more.

Did you miss the last Miniatures Rundown Preview Show? Click here to preview the releases for November 5th.
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Original Sunday Preview releases courtesy of Warhammer Community.

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