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More Cities Of Sigmar Reveals: Freeguild Cavaliers

Games Workshop today revealed two new aspects of the upcoming Cities Of Sigmar releases. One was about Hero units, which was covered here in another post.

The other was about the Freeguild Cavaliers, which we go into below.

The Cavaliers represent nobility, namely knights. They’re also the sword to the Castelite Formation‘s shield. They operate as heavy cavalry, and line-breakers.

Devastating Charge

Devastating Charge

Cavalier weapons get an ability called Devastating Charge. It boosts Damage and Rend when a unit charges.

Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal

Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal

The powerful Cavalier-Marshal has a knock-on effect to the “Their Finest Hour” Heroic Action, which adds 3″ to charge rolls in a 12″ area of effect.

Many Build Options

The Freeguild Cavalier models come with an unusually high amount of customization options. Images below show sprues and a build instruction showing this off.

Freeguild Cavalier Sprue 1
Freeguild Cavalier Sprue 2
Freeguild Cavalier Sprue 3
Interchangeable Parts
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