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More Figurines of Adorable Power Arriving in 2020

The cute is real! Last week, I wrote about Collectibles for Gamers. This week, I found some new figures had popped up on Ultra-Pro’s Dungeons & Dragons page. As I wished, we’re receiving new Figurines of Adorable Power and another item I hadn’t know I’d wanted until now. Let me dig in.

We’ll get four Figurines of Adorable Power with an approximate release in late November. Each figure stylized figure stands 3 and 3/4 inches tall. Ultra-Pro uses a thick vinyl for a durable sculpt. So, just don’t let your dog think it is their toy. I’ve heard that some of the Figurines will include an alternate version at 1 per 6 just as the Red Dragon had a Ruby alternate.

Time for the toys!

A determined Black Dragon. “Don’t call me cute!”
Figurine of Adorable Power, Bulette
One sleepy Bulette. “Burrowing is hard work!”
Figurine of Adorable Power, Goblin
Goblin (not to scale). “I’ve cast Enlarge Person!”
Figurine of Adorable Power, Roper
Happy, happy Roper. “I’m pleased to eat, er, meet you!”

I have the Red Dragon, Owlbear, and Flumph from earlier releases at home. Mr. Black Dragon and Roper will join them when they release. I’m wavering on Bulette and Goblin. Both are super cute as well, but I only have so much space!

Did you know Ultra-Pro sells pouches for dice, tokens, and other accessories? How about knowing their pouches come in the shapes of cuddly D&D monsters? They do. You can choose from Xanathar, a Mind Flayer, an Owlbear, or a Red Dragon to guard your best rolling dice. However, in late November, we’ll get a super fuzzy, soft plush Snowy Owlbear.

Gamer Pouch, Snowy Owlbear
I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him…

Still no Blue Dragon though. Hopefully, I’ll have to only wait until for the next wave before I get an adorable lighting-spitting dragon of my very own. Let me know if you finding some gaming cute out in the wild. I’ll share it here.

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