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More Tanks Revealed For Legions Imperiales

Games Workshop (GW) has revealed some more new tanks for the upcoming, epic-scale game, Legions Imperialis. These new models are not part of the core box release, but GW says they’ll come out at either the same time or shortly after.

Kratos Heavy Tank

These will come in detachments of up to six and will have several arms options, from battlecannons to meltablastguns on the turret, as well as weapon options for sponsons and hulls. There’s even an optoinal dozer blade for the front.


The Baneblade will also come in detachments of six. The kit will have the option of being built either as a Baneblade or a Hellhammer, and will come with a large range of weapon options.

Deimos-Pattern Rhino

We’re told that holding objectives will be important in Legions Imperialis, and that infantry are the way to do that. To get them around the battlefield quickly there’s the classic rhino, coming to Legions Imperialis as the Deimos-Pattern Rhino. They’ll come in a pack of ten vehicles, with many weapon options.

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