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MtG Delays for Zendikar Rising and Commander

More 2020 headaches with MtG delays announced by Wizards of the Coast for Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends.

For Zendikar Rising, launch allocations are split into two waves. Wave one hits the launch date of September 25th. Wave two lands seven to ten days later. Consequently, some location may experience shortages until wave two arrives. Also, Zendikar Rising Bundles will be delayed in North America and Asia-Pacific regions. The will arrive “as soon as possible, though they are unlikely to be available at launch.” according to Wizards of the coast.

The launch date for Commander Legends Collector Boosters has been rescheduled for November 20th. Other Commander Legends releases are still on schedule for November 6th. Asia-Pacific customers will also see delays on Commander Decks associated with Commander Legends. Expect to see them November 20th in that region.

No dates were given, but Jumstart did get a mention. Wizards of the Coast wrote, “we expect to have updates on these shipments very soon and will share that information as soon as we are able.”

Based on my best reading of the announcement, Zendikar Rising numbers to stores haven’t been cut, they’ve been split. They’ll have their full allocation, eventually. Local stores are already in the process of clarifying their numbers with distributors. However, the distributors are trying to clarify with Wizards and figure how to split wave one among their many preorders. It may be a few days until this shakes out at your local store.

Meanwhile, Commander Legends Collector Boosters have just been pushed back two weeks and will arrive in full at that time.

The good news, such as it may be, from the announcement is that the Zendikar Rising Prerelease were not mentioned. Unless there is another notification, expect Prerelease to proceed as normal.

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