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Necromunda: Mind-Locked Wyrd and Cephalopod Spektors

Games Workshop has announced new models for the Necromunda game. Rules for them are contained in the House of Shadows supplement.

Mind-Locked Wyrd

Mind-Locked Wyrd

Mind-Locked Wyrds are psykers not sanctioned by the Imperium, who have been coerced by illegal technology into the service of the criminal Psi-Syndica. These models have six powers which include Scouring, Assail, and Hypnosis. They also have the Fearsome quality.

Cephalopod Spektors

Cephalopod Spektors

The same set will include Cephalopod Spektors models.

Van Saar Ash Wastes Upgrade Pack

Van Saar Ash Wastes upgrade pack

This upgrade pack includes 10 masked heads, as well as backpacks and other accessories.

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