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Necron Destroyers and Warriors Deploying Soon

Destroyers and Warriors, this week Games Workshop releases three kits for the Necrons and none for the Space Marines. Consequently, there will be a lack of Emperor botherers. Time to get familiar with the once and future overlords of the galaxy.

Necron Warriors and Scrab Swarms
Here’s the unstoppable center for any up and coming Overlords force. Cheap and numerous CORE units, Necron Warriors benefit from Dynastic Auras and Commander abilities. Keep them close to your Nobles and Characters. Their large unit size (20 models) coupled with a single Wound means Warriors benefit greatly from Reanimation Protocols. Between judicious use of a Technomancer and “Their Number is Legion” ability, Warriosn should keep their numbers topped out. Your Warriors may carry either Gauss Flayers, for longer ranged engagements, or Gauss Reapers, shorter ranged with better strength and AP, for close quarters. Choose the one that fits their battlefield role.

Speaking of battlefield roles, Warriors are your primary unit for securing and keeping close objectives. Gauss reaper armed units advance on mid-board objectives with supporting characters to wear down opposition so strong melee units can see them off with a good charge. And, as always, a unit of Warriors, especially supported with a bonus to Reanimation Protocols, tarpits quite well.

Now, in addition to the 10 Necron Warriors, each box included 3 Canoptek Scarab Swarms. A very cheap flying fast Attack choice, Swarms make great filler to tie-up key enemy units. Of course, the more Warriors you include in your army, the more Scarabs you’ll be able to field. With 4 Wounds, Scrabs have difficulty reanimating, but an accompanying Canoptek Spyder mitigates that by just raising one for you every turn per Scarab unit. For extra fun, and a single CP, you engage Self-Destruction to trade 1 model for 1-3 mortal wounds on an Engaged unit.

Necron Skorpekh Destroyers
Brutal close combat machines, Skorpekh Destroyers fill an elite slot. However, they are not CORE units and will have to depend on auras buffs from Destroyer Lords. While the standard Hyperphase Treshers are good, being able to kill Primaris with one shot, every third model carries a hyperphase reap-blade. Featuring increased Strength and AP, the reap-blade chops even heavier infantry apart and tear into small vehicles.

Getting around the battlefield safely is a bit of a challenge as Destroyers lack transport. Skorpekhs are fast with an 8″ move and can advance up to 14″ with a good roll. Make the best use of terrain you can, but save a CP for the Whirling Onslaught stratagem. When they are shot at, that -1 to be wounded, can mean the difference between a lost Destroyer or two.

Each box of Destroyers also includes a single Canoptek Plasmacyte. The little Canoptek constructs follow Destroyer Cult units to Infuse Madness. Infuse Madness ups Destroyer Strength and Attacks by one each. However there is a small chance you’ll lose a model (don’t roll a one), but the buff is worth it.

In the end, Skorpekhs are Destroyers. The melee focus makes them ideal for driving units off of objectives. Just let them kill it!

Necron Hexmark Destroyer
The last release of the week, Hexmark Destroyers pack a host of abilities in a single model. They’ve got firepower, C&C, and hi-tech ambush all on one three-legged chassis.

Armed with 6 enmitic disintigrator pistols, each hits on 2+ and re-roll 1s. Hexmarks will rarely miss. Each pistol may fire once more for each enemy model destroyed. While their Strength is very good, their damage and AP are lacking. The fusillade of fire makes a bloody mess of any light armor unit within range.

And they’ve got a fix for that! With Dimensional Translocation Hexmarks can strike in unexpected places. Set up within hyperspace during deployment, Hexmarks may appear anywhere outside of 9″ from an enemy unit. Chop up an enemy reinforcement or jump into the backfield in the late game.

Finally, Hexmarks have the Character keyword. When on the table they exert Command Protocols in a 6″ radius. Canny Overlords may use Hexmarks to extend control back to isolated units. On the other hand, a forward reinforcing Hexmark could chain protocols forward when you don’t want to risk a higher value character.

That’s it for this week’s releases. Not a bad selection. The badly needed bulk Troop unit, a viscous melee unit, and the capable Hexmark character. Join us for more releases as Games Workshop drops them.

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