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Necrons Unleash Enormous Forces


Yesterday I dug entirely too deeply into the Ophydian Destroyers. Today, let’s turn to the other three Necrons releasing this week. We’ll be seeing two entirely new kits and a greatly revised classic.

C’Tan Shard of the Void Dragon

While the Deceiver and Nightbringer are terrifying, the C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon is the first to capture that reality warping power in plastic. Mounted on an 80mm base, it dwarfs all other C’tans except the Tesseract Vault. The use of advanced modeling techniques create a formidable monster floating towards your enemy.

While expensive in points, the Void Dragon leverages the Necrodermis and Living Metal special ability on top of T7 and 9 Wounds to stay in the game. Necrodermis limits this C’tan to taking no more than 3 Wounds in a phase. Meanwhile Living Metal adds a wound back if you don’t kill it by the end of the turn. The addition of a 4++ save over the regular 3+ limits the harm successful wounds inflict.

On the offense, the Void Dragon prefers engaging vehicles. The Spear of the Void Dragon deals a D3+3 to vehicles. Then each vehicle it destroys adds a Wound back on 2+. Additionally, this ability triggers from both shooting and melee attacks. Even if there are no vehicles nearby, the Spear deals a solid D6 to other targets.

Finally, the Void Dragon comes with Voltaic Storm and a choice of one additional power. Voltaic Storm out reaches the Spear and deals a D3 mortal wounds on a 2+. Vehicles get it worse taking a D6 Damage and halving their wounds if they use a degradation chart for the turn. Now, for the extra power, I am partial to the Cosmic Fire for the inevitable assaults or Transdimensional Thunderbolt to keep pouring on mortal wounds at range. And get this, the Void Dragon can use both Voltaic Storm and the other power in the same turn.

Use the C’tan as you would any other tough and dangerous monster, close the range and let it attract all the fire. With Necrodermis it should last for more than one turn. If not, it probably took all the fire that would have hit other, much less durable units. Should your opponent ignore it, teach them the error of their ways. At 24″ you’ll hit with Transdimensional Thunderbolt. At 18″ add the power of your Voltaic Storm. Arriving at 12″ and using the stratagem of Strange Echoes swaps out the Thunderbolt for Cosmic Fire and it starts using the Spear. By then, it may be too late to try and engage it!

Necrons C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon


The Monolith used to be a mandatory Heavy Support mainstay for Necrons. Today, it upgraded to a Lord of War. Between this and a rather heavy point cost, the Monolith appears only in large game.

Defensively, the Monolith sports 8 Toughness, 24 Wounds, and a 2+ Save. The lack of a invulnerable save leaves it vulnerable to high AP weapons. At best a Chronomancer can buff it with a 5++ which is better than nothing. The Living Metal ability can slowly ameliorate damage, but unless at a break point on the chart doesn’t help much.

Offensively, both the standard armaments and upgrade to death rays are good choices. It all depends on your opponent’s force. Death rays being preferred against vehicles, monsters, and heavy infantry. Otherwise gauss flux arcs, with a total of 12 shots, will do the job against light infantry.

However, the real offensive punch for the Monolith comes from Death Descending. Deploying off the board, the Monolith enters as a reinforcement anywhere outside 9″ of enemy units and well within range of all their weapons. On subsequent turns, it remains stationary and starts summoning CORE infantry to its location. 20 Warriors or 10 Immortals in the backfield or flank disrupts most general’s plans.

Also, in melee the Monolith deals 6 Strength 8 attacks that always hit with the Portal of Exile. At Damage 3 say, “bye-bye!” to many units from Terminators to Crisis Suits to Tyranid Warriors.

Necrons Monolith

Convergence of Dominion

The only fortification for Necrons, at the moment, the Convergence of Dominion provides improved leadership (+2) and radiates command protocols to units within 6 inches. The three Starstele forming this unit may be widely dispersed needing only to be set up within 12 inches of one other Starstele during deployment. While lacking a Movement stat, Crypteks may translocate them as your army advances taking it off the board and redeploying during your next Reinforcements step. Short-ranged, low Strength armament should only be used in desperation. However, should you score a wound, high Ap and 3 Damage should remove an infantry model.

As noted, the Convergence of Dominion is a command and control fortification with some limited ability to advance up the field. With Toughness 8 and 10 Wounds each Starstele takes a great deal of fire to down. Expose them, rather than your squishier Nobles, to support your units and advance them as needed.

Alternately, once objectives have been cleared, translocate them forward, and support your Ob Sec units. Your Nobles and other characters then advance with your assault elements.

Necrons Convergence of Dominion

Join us tomorrow for new Space Marines, just as hard as Necrons, and less life challenged!

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