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New Black Library Humble Bundle Offers 27 Warhammer Novels For $18

Humble Bundle is currently offering 27 Warhammer-related novels for a donation of $18. That’s a total value of what would cost about $273 at full retail prices. The funds go to the EveryLibrary Institute.

The titles include stores based in both the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Old World settings.

There are also smaller donation breakpoints for less titles, as there usually are in Humble Bundles. You can also get 16 and 8 item bundles.

You can buy the bundle here. And here’s a list of all the titles:

  • Knight Errant by Anthony Reynolds
  • Knight of the Realm by Anthony Reynolds
  • Questing Knight by Anthony Reynolds
  • Grail Knight by Anthony Reynolds
  • Pariah by Dan Abnett
  • Nightbringer by Graham McNeill
  • Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero by Graham McNeill
  • Fury of Magnus by Graham McNeill
  • Cthonia’s Reckoning by various authors
  • Indomitus by Gav Thorpe
  • Gloomspite by Andy Clark
  • Nagash the Sorcerer by Mike Lee
  • Nagash the Unbroken by Mike Lee
  • Nagash Immortal by Mike Lee
  • I am Slaughter by Dan Abnett
  • Grim Repast by Marc Collins
  • A Dynasty of Monsters by David Annandale
  • Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill
  • Drachenfels by Kim Newman
  • Genevieve Undead by Kim Newman
  • Beasts in Velvet by Kim Newman
  • Silver Nails by Kim Newman
  • Cadia Stands by Justin D. Hill
  • Ahriman: Exile by John French
  • Calis & Toll: The Silver Shard by Nick Horth
  • Lupercal’s War by various authors
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