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New Epic Scale Warhammer Game Announced: Legions Imperialis

Games Workshop has announced a new game with models at epic scale. It will be called Legions Imperialis and will include new epic scale models for infantry and vehicles. This is the third epic scale game in recent years, but it brings together new models from the more specialized epic scale games, Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis, so you can now fight a full-scale war at this scale.

Titanicus and Aeronautics models
Titanicus and Aeronauticus models will be usable in Legions Imperialis

Epic scale features smaller models than the standard Warhammer 40,000 or Horus Heresy games, allowing you to visualize and play out more sweeping battles with huge titans at a more manageable size.

Epic scale infantry detachments for Legions Imperialis

Game play will be different from standard Warhammer games, with players secretly choosing, and then simultaneously revealing, the orders they give their Detachments (this game’s version of “units”). You’ll also need to choose either to fire or move on every turn, giving a potentially faster and more exciting turnover to the pace of game rounds.

Epic scale scenery, usable in Legions Imperialis

The game will also be more focused on capturing Objectives on each turn.

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