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New Hobby Colosseum Hobby And Paint Organizer Goes To Kickstarter

Laser Craft Workshop has launched a Kickstarter for their new paint/hobby organizing station. The project is for the STL files for use in 3D printing. They’re offering everything from a support pledge for $10.00 all the way up to a full Commercial License pledge at $75.00, with several tiers between them.

The system looks pretty nifty, offering modular parts that can be put together to build your hobby station in whatever configuration you’d like. There are brush holders, hobby tool holders, drawers, and racks for many different common paint bottle sizes covering most popular paint brands.

The design uses the OpenLOCK clip system for joining parts.

The standard reward pledges offer STL files for personal printing, while the Commercial License pledge allows resellers to print and sell the modular Colosseum parts to customers. There’s also currently an “early bird” Commercial pledge available for $50.00, and limited to fifty backers.

To check out and back the project, go to The Hobby Colosseum page on Kickstarter.

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