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New Jump Pack Intercessors Kit for Warhammer 40,000

Games Workshop revealed details of the new Jump Pack Intercessor models today.

Most are armed with a standard chainsword and heavy bolt pistol, but the Sergeant has the option of a power weapon or fist, and a hand flamer or plasma pistol.

Jump Pack Intercessors Sprue 1
Jump Pack Intercessors Sprue 2

Every model in the set has the option of helmeted or bare head.

Intercessor 1
Intercessor 2
Intercessor 3

And hey, the Captain gets to wear a cool cape!

Intercessor Captain

The Captain has options for weapons including heavy bolt pistol, plasma pistol, hand flamer, chainsword, power sword, and power fist.

Intercessor Captain Sprue

The Captain also has helmeted and bare head options, and is fitted with a universal socket allowing choices from across the Space Marine line of models.

Blood Angel Intercessor
Intercessor Captain Back 1
Intercessor Captain Back 2
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