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New Kill Team Metawatch

Only about a month after a balance dataslate was released for Kill Team, Games Workshop (GW) has produced a Metawatch post about the game.

The big news seems to simply be that the dataslate has done its job and the forces feel more balanced now based on game play data. GW stated they aren’t just looking at win rates for Kill Team, as the small size of an army makes the game’s faction-switching more prevalent with players.

GW says that they are keeping an eye on three kill teams, though: Wyrmblade, Fellgor Ravagers, and Exaction Squad. These teams may need a boost.

The next dataslate is due out in the winter.

New Ops Card Deck

GW also announced a new deck of 57 cards which include material from the Critical Ops – Tac Ops and Mission Card pack and the Critical Operations 2022 Close Quarters update.

Approved Ops Deck for Kill Team
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