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New Monstrous Compendium Brings Wild Eldraine to D&D

D&D Beyond is bringing us a fourth volume in the Monstrous Compendium series. Unlike the first three, however, this one will not be free. But it will include 25 creatures from, or inspired by, the Magic: The Gathering set, Wilds of Eldraine.

The creatures included are:

  • Archon of Boundaries
  • Beanstalk Wyrm
  • Deathless Rider
  • Dunbarrow Witch
  • Faeries:
    • Borrower
    • Pathlighter
    • Pest
  • Gingerbrute
  • Goose Mother
  • High Fae:
    • Impostor
    • Kindguard
    • Mage
    • Noble
  • Knight of Eldraine
  • Nightmare Haunt
  • Ogre Chitterlord
  • Redtooth Werefox
  • Sewer King
  • Snapping Hydra
  • Spectre of Night
  • Sweettooth Horror
  • Tempest Hart
  • Treefolk
  • Witchkite
  • Witchstalker

The cost for this on D&D Beyond is $5.99 USD.

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