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New Monty Python’s Flying Circus Expansion For Zombicide

Zombicide is about to get a lot more silly, with the new Monty Python’s Flying Circus expansion to CMON’s game, Zombicide. Now available for pre-order, this set brings new miniatures, tokens, cards, and rules.

New in-game equipment includes a Halibut, a Raw Chicken, and a Mallet (for bopping “musical mice,” of course). Or, if you’re feeling dangerous, you can wield The Funniest Joke In The World. Also appearing in all game decks is the SPAM card (that’s right, they’re spamming your decks with SPAM).

The expansion contains:

  • 21 miniatures
    • 6 Survivors
    • 7 “Zombies”
    • 8 Abominations
  • 8 Tokens
    • 1 Tea Token
    • 7 Mouse Tokens
  • 47 Cards
    • 6 Survivor ID Cards
    • 17 Equipment Cards
    • 5 Epic Equipment Cards
    • 5 Abomination Cards
    • 14 Zombie Spawn Cards
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

Yes, Mr. Gumby!

The pre-order product comes with an exclusive Gumby Pack, which includes a Gumby version of every Flying Circus cast member. Gumbys can be used as Companions, or collectively can be an Abomination or Survivor.

The Gumby Pack comes with:

  • 6 Gumby Miniatures
  • 1 Survivor ID Card
  • 1 Companion Card
  • 1 Abomination Card
  • 1 Skill Reference Card
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

The Flying Circus expansion set requires the second edition Zombicide core box, sold separately. Expected delivery on pre-orders is April 2024.

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