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New Sternguard Veterans and Terminator Sets for Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines

We’ve got more info on the upcoming Space Marine releases which head into pre-order this coming Saturday. The Sternguard Veterans and Terminators from the Leviathan box were new sculpts, but these will be released in their own kits, with yet more new sculpts.

Sternguard Veterans

Sternguard Veterans

The back banner is… er… back! Also, MKVI and MKVII helmets appear among the 15 head options, along with pouches, charms, and various bric-a-brac.

Sternguard Sprue
Sternguard Sprue
Sternguard Sprue

The kit also comes with many weapon options, including the new pyrecannon, heavy bolter, unique boltguns, and hybrid combi-weapons.

Sternguard with Back Banner
Sternguard Veteran
Sternguard Veteran
Sternguard Veteran


Space Marine Terminators

The new Terminators also contain plenty of build options. In fact for the first time ever, there’s a chainfist for every Terminator model in the box. There are also the assault cannon, cyclone missile launcher, and heavy flamer.

Terminators Sprue 1
Terminators Sprue 2
Terminators Sprue 3
Terminator in White Armor
Sternguard Profile
Terminator Captain
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