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New Warhammer 40,000 Previews: Minka Lesk And Necromunda

Minka Lesk

Games Workshop (GW) has announced an upcoming model for its Warhammer 40,000 game. It’ll be the Astra Militarum character, Minka Lesk. This figure will be available for pre-order from July 22nd until August 7th.

While the order window is limited, GW tells us that all orders placed during the window time period are guaranteed to be fulfilled.


There are some new releases for the Necromunda game too. First is the new edition of the core rulebook.

It’ll be a 336-page hardback book, but also available in epub format, incorporating previous FAQs and Errata. Along with the rules, it will contain a new campaign, called Dominion, with 11 scenarios.

Also coming out soon will be two card packs for Necromunda.

Gang Tactics

Gang Tactics is a 26-card pack with core gang tactics usable by any faction in the game.

Open Hive War

Open Hive War is a card pack featuring deployments and objectives which combine to create unique missions.

Necromunda Card Sleeves

Finally, to keep those cards in good condition, new Necromunda-themed card sleeves are being released.

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