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NOVA Open 2023 Preview: Ironjawz

Games Workshop (GW) revealed new Ironjawz models for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar at the NOVA Open yesterday.

Zoggrok Anvilsmasha

Zoggrok Anvilsmasha
Zoggrok Anvilsmasha Details

Zoggrok Anvilsmasha is a metalsmith who can tap into “raw anarchic energy.” This results in a weapons buff to friendly units. Along with him is his squig, Klonk, who functions as a mobile anvil.

Zoggrok can optionally be built with a pair of Grunta-tongs.

Brute Ragerz

Brute Ragerz

Weirdbrute Wrekkaz

Weirdbrute Wrekkaz


Ardboys 1
Ardboys 2
Ardboys 3
Ardboys 4
Ardboys 5

Ironjawz Rules Supplement

Rules for these units will be in the upcoming Dawnbringers II – Reign of the Brute sourcebook, but will also be released separately in a free online battletome supplement.

Ironjawz Battletome Supplement

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