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NOVA Open 2023 Preview: New Underworlds Season

At yesterday’s NOVA Open, a new season was announced for Warhammer: Underworlds. The setting and season name is Deathgorge, a wintry world of freezing temperatures.


The box comes included with everything for getting started with the Underworlds game, along with two new warbands, four new Rivals decks, a rulebook, and dice and tokens.

The Thricefold Discord

Thricefold Discord 1
Thricefold Discord 2
Thricefold Discord 3

The Thricefold Discord is a Slaanesh daemon warband.

Cyreni’s Razors

Cyrenis Razors 1
Cyrenis Razors 2
Cyrenis Razors 3
Cyrenis Razors 4

Cyreni’s Razors is an Idoneth Deepkin warband.

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