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NOVA Open 2023 Preview: Warcry

At the NOVA Open yesterday, Games Workshop (GW) announced an upcoming set for the Warcry game. The box includes two new warbands along with rules for their play.

Hunter and Hunted Revealed

Gorgor Mawpack

Gorgor Mawpack 1
Gorgor Mawpack 2
Gorgor Mawpack 3
Gorgor Mawpack 4
Gorgor Mawpack 5

The Gorgor Mawpack is a group of malformed ogors. They roam just outside mawtribe camps and scavenge leftovers from ordinary ogors. They also hunt!

Wildercorps Hunters

Wildercorps Hunters 1
Wildercorps Hunters 2
Wildercorps Hunters 3
Wildercorps Hunters 4

But there are also human hunters, in the form of the Wildercorps, along with their Trailhounds.



The set also comes with a piece of scenery; a Mawpit.

Warband Tome

Warband Tome

Finally, the set comes with its own Warband Tome, covering both warbands, along with rules and scenarios.

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