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One-Shot Spotlight: Shear

So, it’s been a while since I last reviewed a one-shot. It’s also been a while since I professed how much I love horror and TTRPGs with personality. Thankfully, we have this little 1st level one-shot to give us a dose of all this.

Oh, and killer sheep. Lots of evil, killer sheep.

The only one-shot where you’d want to huggle the enemy.
“Uh, excuse me, I’m a chaotic neutral killer sheep.”

Intended to be played over the course of three to four hours, Shear has your players walking across some happy farmlands until they happen across an unhappy scene. Namely, a bunch of sheep snacking on a person. With no other option, your party holes themselves up in a farmhouse Night of the Living Dead style. But this isn’t your everyday case of flesh-eating sheep, oh no. There’s something strange going on at the the Button family farm. Dark magic. Possession. Actual battering rams.

Ewe’d get tired of puns too…
“I can’t stand baaaah-d puns.”

Yes, this one-shot is a huge delight to play. It’s dripping personality. It’s funny. And it’s certainly a great way to get squishy 1st level players into a campaign.

But I do have one complaint. A lot of the story takes place inside the Button farmstead. Not only that, players need to be aware of windows they need to barricade/keep watch over. So you’d think that there’d be maps, wouldn’t- Yeah, no. No maps in this one-shot. Which kind of boggles my mind because there’s so many map making options out there, and all you’d really need here is the basic house layout.

But yeah, definitely a nice romp for the horror-loving 1st level party. Check it out here!

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