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One-Shot Spotlight: Weekend At Strahd’s

As I’ve said before, all its takes is a zany title to get me to buy an adventure. Same with interesting gimmicks. Also, personality. And if it could be a remix of a beloved module with a severely interesting backstory, that would be great. Kicking eighties jams are also appreciated. Anyway, you saw the picture and stuff. Let’s get into Weekend At Strahd’s.

The Basic Plot

So, you and your fellow 5-10 level players have just crashed through Curse of Strahd. Problem is, Strahd himself is as dead as a well-beaten horse. But not in the way that you and your party were hoping.

See, you need to get rid of his corpse before a cataclysmic event happens. Where the universe bleeds rock power ballads and giant words crush reality into dust. According to a little jester riding a trike with a piano, this event is known as “the Final Credits.”

No word on the equally-chaotic event known as “the Mid-Credits Scene.” Or its evil twin “the Second Mid-Credits Scene.”

Oh, speaking of the peddling piano player, he can play a song that animates Strahd’s corpse, albeit in a dance-y sort of way. Otherwise, you’re going to have to haul his corpse around Barovia, gaining points of exhaustion and hoping that nobody notices that Stahd’s more dead than usual.

Wait, why do you have to drag Strahd around, you ask? Well, you need to gather five pieces of something called a “Pentaforce,” which can get rid of Stahd’s body before “Don’t Stop Believing” makes all our ears bleed. (Or worse, inspire subpar karaoke sessions from drunk people in the audience.)

The Game Itself

Hey, reader? Quick question– you like the 1980’s? Because dear god, this thing is so 80’s that I’m surprised that vaporwave cords don’t blast whenever I flip through this thing.

For one thing, Weekend At Strahd’s comes with an all 80’s playlist. For second thing, enough references to make the Scary Movie franchise look like a completely original IP. We’re talking having to sneak around a group of teens known as “the Brunch Club” that Strahd had locked in the dungeons. Having to fight a clique of Strahd’s brides, who are all named “Heather.” There’s even random encounters with a group of local kids called “the Loonies” and a wraith known as “Ricky Roll.” Like, the only thing Weekend At Strahd’s doesn’t reference is The Lost Boys, and that’s probably only because doing that would risk opening a neon-tinted singularity.

But yeah, needless to say, this romp is very much on the comedic side. (I know. Shocking revelation.) To the point that we even have a prom scene.

Also, strangely enough, no reference to this prom in particular…

But that isn’t to say that care hasn’t been put into the mechanics of this module. For example, the three pillars of gameplay- combat, exploration, and social interaction- are still minded very much.

Final Verdict

If you play Curse of Strahd for the horror factor or are one of those people who had the 80’s ruined for them by hipsters, you might want to stay clear of this romp. Otherwise, Weekend At Strahd’s is actually a blast for anyone who needs a lighthearted pallet cleanser after sifting through normal Barovia…

…Or if you want to troll your table by saying “yeah, we’re doing a Stahd campaign” before busting out this and a locked/loaded Spotify playlist.

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Went to film school instead of real college. Writes stuff, animates things, and programs whatchacallits. Currently playing a rogue/cleric (trickery) warforged that's basically a life-sized Victorian porcelain horror doll. You can find more of her stuff at kerahildebrandt.com, including D&D modules/such!

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