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Online Miniature Game Previews This Weekend

This Saturday, November 21st, both Games Workshop and Mantic Games host online miniature game previews. They’ll be sharing the latest upcoming models, projects, and games. Check the details below!

Mantic Games Virtual Open Day

Starting at 10:00am (UK time), Mantic’s Virtual Open Day schedules 6+ hours focused on their game lines. They’ll be including sneak peeks, naturally, but also discussing current products and answering questions throughout the program.

Maantic Games will be using the same live-stream throughout the day. Tune in to whichever parts of the schedule interest you at the Youtube link

Mantic Games online miniature games preview schedule

Games Workshop – Decadence & Decay

Games Workshop continues their themed online miniature game previews with the aptly named Decadence & Decay. Given the changes we’ve seen with the Broken Realms plotline and the soon to be released Codex: Death Guard, I wouldn’t be surprised at the direction Games Workshop takes this weekend.

Expect plenty of Slaanesh and Nurgle coverage bleeding into their many game lines. GW has already confirmed the following;

Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Underworlds
Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game
Online previews

Their stream begins at 1:45pm (UK time) on Twitch. While the steam is free, a live blog begins 15 minutes later which requires a Twitch subscription. The start times are noted below for other parts of the world.

Games Workshop online miniatures games preview schedule

Expect to see the streams posted for viewing after they conclude. I hope you can find the time to view one or more of the online miniature game previews this weekend.

I’m excited to see Mantic’s Armada roadmap for 2021 and what specialist the House of Artifice deploys in Necromunda. Let us know what you’re looking forward to or liked the best.

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